Pool with swim suit topWhat can I expect during my stay at Avatan?

1. Are meals provided?

Yes and no. During the week, you will find it necessary to provide your own meals. For weekend visitors, check our calendar to find which days meals will be available.  Typically, Saturday lunches and Sunday breakfasts are available for purchase at the clubhouse.

2. Pool area is not clothing optional

If you’re in the pool area, everyone else will be naked too, wearing only a towel and a smile!

3. Showers in the pool area are awesome

Our pools and hot tub are constantly monitored to provide the best environment and pH levels for nude swimming and soaking. A shower by the pool area is required prior to taking the plunge in order to remove lotions, etc, and keep the waters as pristine as possible. Please don’t be offended if someone gently reminds you to do so. We’ve been well-trained by our pool advisors and they are not to be trifled with!

4. Visitors are welcome to all camp events on days/nights of stay

This is the “Avatan way”. For example, if there is a camp-wide pot luck, you are our guests and are not expected to bring a dish to pass. We are happy to have you join our activities!


Meet like-minded people and enjoy this special place we all enjoy so much.   



Or, Be Cool While Nude!

ALL first-timers have so many questions as to what to expect. We’ll try to “cover” (pun intended) as many of those right here. The American Association of Nude Recreation (www.AANR.com) provides in-depth information on all things nudist. Here’s a link to their First Time Primer:  http://www.aanr.com/your-first-visit A quick overview of the basic rules of nude etiquette:

1. Have Towel – Will Travel

A towel is a nudist’s best friend. They are polite and sanitary. Carry one with you and place it on whatever seat you intend to occupy.

2. No Cheese!No Photos

NO CAMERAS PERMITTED. Please respect your fellow nudists and do not take photos. We adhere to strict privacy guidelines and will insist on your removal from the premises if this rule is breached.

3. Get A Room

Avatan is a family-friendly campground. Sexual activity in a public setting is illegal in the state of Minnesota.

4. Erection Question

Having an erection is the most-asked question of any male who wants to attend a nudist venue for the first time. So here we go…. First of all, nudism is not a sexual experience (for real). It may be sensuous to feel the sun and water on your skin without clothing, but it’s not about seeing or being seen. The short answer to this question is, “it rarely, if ever happens”.

However, should it happen to you, cover up with your towel, roll over, take a shower, etc… In short, do something to take your mind off of it. We realize it’s natural, but it can and does offend most nudists. Anyone deliberately laying down or walking around trying to draw attention to their obvious erection will be asked to leave immediately and banned from returning.