Points of View

Shedding the Stress

When I come through the front gate I feel all the stresses of the work week have lifted.  There is an immediate feeling of peacefulness and beauty.  I have met wonderful people and created strong friendships with my fellow naturists.  Taking clothes off allows our true self to shine through.  We are no longer bound by the suits or uniforms we wear outside camp. Linda... read more

Body Image in the Buff

I had my first nude experience on vacation about 9 years ago. What began as a trip to a nude resort that I expected I would try out once and laugh about for years to come, instead became something that is now a big part of my life. Being nude has changed my thinking about body image and I have a totally different mindset now of what it means to “practice social nudity.” When I talk with non-nudist friends, what usually comes up in the conversation, particularly with other women, are all of the deeply held beliefs and insecurities about our female form. These thoughts and beliefs are reinforced constantly in the media and through a culture that promotes youth and being stick thin with perfect skin as the ideal. Not many of us look like that in reality. The usual comments I hear from other women in response to the fact that my husband and I hang out at a nude campground go something like this:  I could never do that! I’m too fat! Maybe if I lost 30 pounds! No one needs to see this old bod!  Sadly, I think they are missing the central point, which is that when we shed our clothes, we can shed and let go of those shaming societal messages about our bodies as well. One of the main reasons I got “hooked” on the experience of nudity is that I think people are simply a bit nicer without clothes on! Seriously! Nudity presents a certain level of vulnerability…..when you are out there in the altogether, with nothing to hide behind, it... read more

The Road to Social Nudism

For a long, long time, Mike and I were content with skinny dipping. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, we’d slip off to a secluded beach now and again. We even purchased a hot tub for our back deck to enjoy a luxurious dip sans bathing attire. These were all enjoyable events, but increasingly left us wondering… “Are there like-minded folks out there in search of nude recreation?” (Remember, this was before Mr. Google was even around as our go-to guy for information.) When our youngest son moved to Florida, we’d visit now and again, as parents do. Mike started reading up on Florida beaches we could visit while there. Mike suggested that we explore “that National Seashore I was reading about in National Geographic. There’s supposed to be miles and miles of gorgeous Atlantic sand and surf!” Of course, I was thinking it could lead to skinny dipping time, and not in a cold lake either…sign me up! As we drove out to Canaveral National Seashore, Mike casually mentioned that he heard there was a legal nude beach area out along this coast. We parked and started walking north along the water’s edge, hand in hand. Lots of sunbathers, all clothed. Now this is the part where Mike likes to tell his point of view once the “scenery” changed…”Kathy dug her heels into the sand at the sight of the first au naturel sunbather we happened on and would not move.” Yes, that happened, but only because I felt we were somehow intruding. We were dressed! Ugh. So we turned around and left. The next day, Mike suggested that... read more

So we had dipped our toes (and everything else) into the social nudism “pool” and found we needed MORE!

There is a level of comfort and camaraderie in being with your fellow non-judgmental nudists that is hard to describe. I doubt that I referred to myself as a nudist in those early days. But the freedom of swimming, sunning and playing sand volleyball clothing-free had a freeing effect on my body and soul. Mike and I began exploring other locales. If Florida had nude friendly beaches, who else does? Where else and how else could we experience social nudism? The French side of St. Martin had popped up a time or two in our conversations with fellow beach goers…hmmm. Our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and we began considering options. The answer was a no-brainer for us. Oh my goodness. I will never forget our joy and excitement at the scene playing out before our eyes that November. We donned little wraps and walked hand in hand down to the beautiful blue Orient Bay. And there it was. Social nudism at its finest and perfect self. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, children of all ages…swimming, laughing, sunning and dining out under tiki huts. Everyone nude, everyone happy. We felt like we were home. If you’re reading this, perhaps that feeling of “home” is among other nudists. Just something to consider!   Warmly, Kathy (Avatan... read more

First Skinny Dip

Do you remember your first skinny dip? I do. My memory is crystal clear and like it was just yesterday, instead of the 45 year ago reality! Mike and I were still newlyweds. We decided to explore an uninhabited section of Lake Michigan on a warm and sunny summer day. The kids were with grandma, so why not? Like two little kids ourselves, impulsive and uninhibited, we stripped off all our clothes and ran into the water from the sandy shoreline. If you’re from the upper Midwest and familiar with the Great Lakes, you are now saying out loud, “Are you nuts? COLD!” Yeah, yeah. Maybe it was cold. Don’t really recall the water temp. But I do have perfect clarity and recall of the exhilaration of water on my skin…all of my skin. No wet, cold swimsuit clinging to my body. Just sunshine warming me back up, wholly and completely. I’m sure I never formulated a sentence or thought at the time using the words “social nudism”. But I’m also sure that the moment began a lifelong quest for just that. Come on out to Avatan and take a dip into our WARM (heated pool) water and see for yourself. You too can enjoy the absolute luxury of a skinny dip in a social nude setting.   Warmly, Kathy (Avatan... read more